News and Information

News and Information

Our most recent Chamber Connection newsletter, our 2018 Spring Special Edition, our Annual Meeting Recap is hereIt was posted on April 9, 2018. 

Join the Chamber's Kaye Iftner and Martha Sue Smith live on WBBA radio (97.5 FM) for the Twin Pikes Report at 11:15 AM until noon Monday - Friday. 

Printable list of Pike County Parades, Events, and places to eat:  2018 Place to East, 2018 Places to stay Events as of 
Download a printable list of eating establishments for Pike County.

Chamber offers on-line IRS Tax Centers & newsletters to this web site -

Click on the "Work" section, then choose IRS Tax links from the menu on the left side. Using an on-line center means the content is the most current available.