Live in Pike County

Dear residents and visitors,

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce is proud to present this Profile of Pike County, representing the quality of life that can be found in our small communities.  If you live here, you already know what a great place Pike County is to call home.  If you are visiting Pike County and planning to relocate here, we know that it will be a pleasant and enriching experience.

You’ll be warmly welcomed into this community that is rich in heritage and tradition.  We are proud of our ties to Abraham Lincoln,  the New Philadelphia site (the first town in the U. S. to be settled by an African American), and also to an early Mormon settlement. There is a variety of outdoor activities with camping, golf courses, hunting, parks, trails, lakes and our two rivers.  All of these can be found in the "Visit" section of this web site.

We have great places to stay, and a wide variety of restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining.  You can find a complete listing of them also in the "Visit" section of this site. 

Pike County has several organizations committed to economic development, Pike County has local, state, and federal agencies available to assist farm and agri-business families and individuals in this agricultural community.

Our county has four school districts that offer excellent public education. They, along with their websites, are listed in the menu to the left.  We have also provided contact information for the Regional Office of Education, which has an office in Pittsfield, the county seat of Pike County.  John Wood Community College provides higher education at the Pittsfield Education Center and the Perry Agricultural Center.

Pike County offers a range of health care services, including primary care physicians, long term care facilities, home health and hospice services, and Illini Community Hospital, an Acute Care Hospital with advanced out-patient services.

We also have festivals and events throughout the year appealing to all walks of life including two County Fairs. 

Our Chamber is pleased to provide you with information about our county, our towns and their many benefits and attractions.  We invite you to visit the directory of Chamber members who can help you with your relocation here.  For additional information on Pike County you may contact us via phone, internet or email, as listed below.

Pike County Illinois is a great place to live, work and visit!


Pike County Chamber of Commerce
224 W. Washington
Pittsfield, IL 62363