Top 10 Reasons to Belong

We invite you to download this printable summary of the benefits of membership in the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. Link to benefits flyer here.  

For specifics on any of these, please feel free to call us at 217-285-2971.  

In addition, here are the Top Ten Reasons to belong to the Pike County Illinois Chamber.  You can find it here.

Other reasons to belong to your Chamber:

 1.  Promotion & Publicity
      Reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and 
      opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity.

 2.  Credibility
      According to an independent study, consumers are 63% more likely to buy 
      goods and services from a company they believe is a member of the 
      local chamber of commerce

 3.  Networking
      Make new contacts to help your business grow through a variety of networking 

 4.  Referrals
      Obtain referrals from the hundreds of phone calls placed to the Chamber each 
      month, from your link on the Chamber website, and through fellow Chamber 

 5.  Legislative Advocacy
      Representation on issues that affect your bottom line, and the opportunity 
      to meet and greet local representatives.

 6.  Member Discounts
      Save on products and services useful to your business just by being a member. 

 7.  Information
      Stay informed about issues impacting your ability to do business and activities 
      occurring around the County through email blasts, newsletters, meetings, and 

 8.  Educational Opportunities
      Take advantage of educational seminars ranging from customer service to 
      emergency preparedness. Most are provided free of charge.

 9.   Help Promote Tourism and Economic Development
       The Chamber is the front door to Pike County.  Our website gets thousands of 
       visits from people looking for travel information and recreational opportunities, 
       relocation info, and business opportunities.

10.  Enhance the Business Climate
       Join forces with fellow business men and women to help make Pike County a great place to do business.