About the Chamber

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce was formed in October, 1987 by a county-wide group of business people, municipal officials and concerned citizens.  It evolved from the Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce which was chartered in 1950.  The formation of a county-wide Chamber insured adequate representation of the developmental needs for Pike County, and created a central point of reference and information for the County. 

The Chamber is run by an elected Board of Directors.  Directors are selected from defined geographical areas, including East Pike, South Pike, Pittsfield, Barry, and West Pike. There are also members-at-large who are able to represent the whole county.  This type of Board representation insures that the Pike County Chamber meets the needs of all citizens and businesses throughout the county. 

The Chamber office is located in Pittsfield, which is both the County Seat and is geographically centered in the county. The Chamber employs one professional, the Executive Director.

The activities and work done by the Chamber revolve around the stated mission and vision:

Our Mission: 

To advocate for our members, promote tourism and a positive business climate, and enhance the overall quality of life in the County.  Our mission is summed up in our slogan "Making Pike County a great place to live, work, and visit".

Our Vision: 

We are the front door to Pike County for people and businesses, and a trusted source of information, resources, and advocacy.